Seven Technologies That Provided Great Opportunities To The Software Professionals

Software development is ever changing and highly dynamic business. There is not certain trend which can continue for year after years. That’s why software Development Company should ready to either higher or skilled their staff according to the current demand in the market. Currently there are certain skills that are growing faster than others.

1 Cyber security:


IT job related to cyber security is currently most trending data handling job in the market. Today with increasing number of data breaches make headlines and consumer anxiety concerning personal information rises to a fever pitch, therefore, there is expectation that demand for skill IT expert for this skill to continue to grow as organizations look for software professionals who can both proactively and reactively attend to security gaps and threats and make sure about the system.

2. Big Data:


 Big data is a big deal, whether the organization is working on  marketing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, defense systems,  video      games or any other category it is important almost    everywhere  these  days. Today companies crave information  that can help them  gain  insight into customer behavior, create  a strategies for the  future and predict future and plan the strategy in order to achieve  more growth opportunities, so IT experts who can extract intelligence from data have a secure, lucrative  future and wider scope in the software development industry.

3. NoSQL:


Today mobile apps compare to five years ago `and big data and the cloud gain even greater mainstream acceptance, NoSQL databases are also gaining popularity in the marketplace, Professionals who know when and when not to use these new software development approaches will bring much-needed flexibility, efficiency and agility to their clients.

4. Hadoop:


 Hadoop, is the open source Apache framework that facilitates  data analysis and interpretation, this software recently becomes very  popular all over the world. The demand for Hadoop professionals  who  also have NoSQL and Big Data are increased drastically in the  software  development industry.

5. JIRA:


Project and issue-tracking software JIRA has now days regarded highly in both     startups and in big enterprises, especially in the company who has large teams of software developers. In many organization reporting and issue tracking is a    big obstacle all organizations face, and the demand for software technology like   JIRA who can easily track and solves the problem will continue to see explosive   growth in the future time and demand for skill people who can handle this issue  tracking software will naturally increase.

6. Python:


 It is sound strange because python is one of the oldie but goodie. It’s a one of the mature  language which continues to dominate in the software development market even after 25  years. This is a one of the foundation programming language taught in college-level  programming courses, Today’s demand for python is reemerge as many IT global companies  understand that it is a it’s a simple, elegant and powerful language with which can easily help to build various Web properties.

7. Cloud:


Nothing surprising here cloud technology is big global boom all over the world. Cloud become popular because businesses love technology and talent which can save money and maximize efficiency, which reflects in the continued growth of cloud tech and the demand for talent with related experience in the cloud technology has increased drastically in the software development. In fact that the assumption is that 78 percent of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted the cloud by the end of 2020, which is current just 38% so the, job opportunities should soar in this field.

Apart from these there are some other fields like mobile applications, puppet, Information security, Salforce’ CRM are some other tools and technology which become one of the popular IT branches in which new age software engineers should try to build their career.


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